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Hulled Hemp Seed

Hulled Hemp Seed
Hulled Hemp SeedHulled Hemp SeedHulled Hemp Seed

Hulled Hemp Seed

CategoriesHulled Hemp Seed
Update Time2022/6/27
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Hemp - A gift from nature

The hemp plant is composed of several different parts, including the stalk(stem),the leaves, the roots, and the seeds.

Hemp is 100% organic plants, because hemp's cultivation is different from corn, cotton, soybeans, wheat, and rice. Hemp only requires little water to grow and no request for any fertilizers,pesticides,herbicides, and it will never be genetically modified (NO GMO),  thereby all intermidiates and final products created with hemps are health and world friendly.

Hemp Seed

The seed of the hemp plant is recgonized as "golden food" owing to containing all nutritional ingredients and higher content. Hemp seed is not only a source of food, also a crop.Hemp seed is called natural organic food source, it is green, healthy and safe. It is rich in the essential fatty acids Omega-3 ALA and omegs-6 LA .

Antaune™ Hulled Hemp Seed

No Chemicals Additives

Antaune™ Hulled Hemp Seed is processed from pure organic whole hemp seed, without chemical additives.Ensuring product is natural,safe and healthy.

100000 grade clean workshop and low-temperature storage conditions

Ensure the whole process and storage is healthy and safe,our professional husk machine can promote the husk yield and decrease the rate of kernel crack.
Ensure the quanlity is stable

Health Benefits

Antaune™ Pure Organic Hulled Hemp Seed is one of the superfoodsthat is rich in gamma linolenic acid,unsaturated fattyacids,Omega 3 and 6,protein,lecithin,vitamins,and iron.It has a positive effect on cholesterol levels,high bloodpressure,atherosclerosis apart from a host of other health benefits.
USDA ,ECOCERT Organic,Kosher,Halal,Vegan

Raw material hemp seed is certified to USDA organic regulations,7 CFR Part 205 and meet the requirement of laid down in the ECOCERT organic standard recognized as equivalent with the provision of regualtion (EC) No 834/2007.
Tailor-Made Package and BRC Cert. for Retail

This bag on picture is our self-own packeg for retail,
We are very willing to offer customized service for you.

Pls let us know your quantity and idea,
We could design the package for you.
Also the production and logistic. One-Stop Station.

Antaune™ Organic Hulled Hemp Seed Oil

Physical Cold Press to Keep Natural Nutrients

Antaune™ Organic Hulled hemp seed oil is separated directly from the seed by physical cold press.It means,during the production process,that no chemical additive to ensure product safety, hygiene and keep natural nutrients undestroyed.

USDA and ECOCERT Organic

Our hemp seed oil is from Organic raw material hemp seed(not hemp leave) .Oil and raw material hemp seed are certified to USDA organic regulations,7 CFR Part 205 and meet the requirement of laid down in the ECOCERT organic standard recognized as equivalent with the provision of regualtion (EC) No 834/2007
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