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Can Lutein be taken for a long time ?

Can Lutein be taken for a long time ?

Issue Time:2020/01/09

Can Lutein be taken for a long time ?

The lutein can be taken for a long time requires two points:

The first point is whether the ingredients are naturally extracted (most of the chemical components cannot be used for a long time).Natural ingredients and clinical tests have no side effects. A large number of scientific reports have confirmed that lutein has a special effect on the eyes, and has not reported any side effects after more than ten years of clinical application.

The second point is whether the product preparation method is suitable for long-term use. It is well known that the capsule preparation product has a problem of heavy metal content in the capsule shell. Although the country has strict regulations on the heavy metal content of the capsule shell, it still contains a little indeed. Drugs that take capsule preparations can cause heavy metals to accumulate liver and kidney, causing certain physical discomfort.

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