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Why Stevia Erythritol Blend and Monkfruit Erythritol Blend is popular?

Why Stevia Erythritol Blend and Monkfruit Erythritol Blend is popular?

Issue Time:2020-01-09

Why Stevia Erythritol Blend and Monkfruit Erythritol Blend is popular?

Nowadays, with the increasing acceptance of stevioside and mogrosides and the improvement of the quality of mogrosides, natural and zero-calorie stevia and Monk Fruit compound sweetener is welcomed by customers. The pursuit of natural, low-calorie products and concerns about artificial ingredients is the reason why Stevia Blend and Monk Fruit Blend is increasingly attractive to consumers.


With the new technology of cocrystallization for blending stevia with erythritol or monk fruit with erythritol so that the blend features with good taste and consistent,good fluidity, non-caking and no-calorie,Also the most important is cost effective and appearance is almost same as sugar.


We could customize stevia blend and monk fruit blend with different mesh size(normal 30-60 mesh) and 1-4 times sweetness as sugar,We are very welcoming your any inquiries with Mr Dale ,email

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